Why Did David Brooks Leadership Fail

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With America going through a political campaign for the next president, many foresee the errors in one another opponent's way of directing the United States. In the article, “Why America’s Leadership Fails,” written by David Brooks, a political conservative commentator, was published in the New York Times recognizing the leadership that is coming for the citizens might turn out to be failure in the end. Brooks answered the question of why leadership fails in today’s world by coming to two theories of corruption and insularity. He began to elaborate onwards about career and vocation with later on bringing how Hilary Clinton and Mitt Romney, democrats, fall under the failed leadership category. That being said, he uses more pathos towards the audience of those who oppose the democratic ways to rally more supporters for republicans, rather than just using logos. However, I do not believe our leadership have failed on US citizens since we have come a long way shown by history with comparing the rate of many successes than failures. To begin with, Brooks sets up his article to get onto a relatable level with the audience, even though the sides have different beliefs, utilizing the second person style. He wants to show that he is another citizen and is among the common people, rather than a superior figure in the political campaign. What Brooks does to hook in the people is put a common belief that all …show more content…
Consequently, his tone throughout the essay consisted of hostility where I perceived it biased as well. He never looked at all the different kinds of leaders and based all his information on experience and emotion rather than actual evidence in terms of the logos aspect. He looked for fight for what was the right type of leadership, but only addressed a partial surface of