Why Did Louis Armstrong Win The Leadership Award?

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The leadership award is an award given to very few people. To earn that award you need to work hard, be generous and be a good leader. I strongly believe that Louis Armstrong should win this award because he overcame that challenge of poverty through hard work. He practiced cornet and trumpet a lot, and he treated his bands fairly and with generosity.
One reason Louis Armstrong should win the leadership award is that he overcame the challenge of poverty through hard work. In the book “Louis Armstrong Musician” in the summary in paragraph 4 in the text it states, “A musical genius Louis Armstrong rose from deepest poverty to become jazz’s greatest pioneer and it’s brightest star.” To me this shows leadership because he had to work hard. As a kid Louis had to work hard to support his family. Leaders also have to work hard. Since Louis Armstrong had experience from working hard he can handle the pressure. His father abandoned the family, so Louis made the money in the family while his grandmother took care of his siblings. Louis and his grandmother led the family. That shows leadership to me.
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In the encyclopedia article “Louis Armstrong 1900-1971 Jazz Trumpet Player/ Singer” in paragraph 9 in the text it states,“Louis practiced cornet and trumpet really hard to achieve his goals of becoming a professional jazz musician.” This shows leadership because he was persistent. Many times Louis and his band would practice for several hours. If one person messed up just a little bit the whole band had to start over. He tried over and over again just to get one song right. Leaders often have problems that they need to solve. They might need to try to solve the problem multiple times. Louis Armstrong has already done that before with his bands. I think Louis Armstrong deserves this award better than anyone