Why Did Marxism Still Exist?

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Karl Marx (1818-1883) stated that he believed that in a perfect socialist society that there would be no need for law or sanctions due the fact that crime would eventually cease to exist. His belief was the same as the purpose and one of the core beliefs of the Socialism model, and that was that everyone would have a fair share (Dammer &Albanese, 2014). What did Marx mean with his statement? I believe that what Marx was trying to say is that if the perfect socialist existed, that others would no longer still from their neighbors because each citizen owns the same. With that being said it is difficult to steal property from others if you, yourself own the same property. Marx’s theory also as a result would mean that the human psyche would be rewired as well, no longer would others covet after the things of his or her neighbor. However, most would ask why would he or anyone for that matter state that they believed that the need for criminal laws could be eliminated in society. Perhaps is we look to the scriptures we can have a better understanding of his idea. In the Bible there are ten laws that were given to Moses on Mount Sinai so that the people of Israel knew what God asked of them. Within these Ten Commandments which are found in the book of Exodus starting in chapter 20 (NIV). God …show more content…
No, of course not however, the scriptures do support his theory that in a perfect society and/or world that there is a chance that criminal law and sanctions would no longer need to be present (Dammer & Albanese, 2014). This is because by elimination of the feeling of greed due to everyone having enough and the same we could start meeting the goals of the Ten Commandments such as those listed above and more. One can only imagine how this could possibly change the world if we were more as one with God, and his commandments for his