Why Did The 1920s Roar Essay

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The 1920s in the United States is a time period which is called the “Roaring Twenties”. According to the definition, roaring, a sound is a full, deep, prolonged cry uttered by a lion or other large wild animal. How did the “twenties” roar? Economy, politics, and society had undergone great changes during that time. Several characteristics contributed to the social roaring of the 1920s. Some of them still affect the society now, even carry forward. Music, radio, and culture were big parts of the society roaring.
The music style made the 1920s roar. Jazz is a kind of music that everybody is familiar with today. It emerged in the 1920s. 1920s is also known as the “Jazz Age”. The older generation thought Jazz was immoral and against the old culture values. (1902s in Jazz, Wikipedia)However, it got popular among young
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As time went on, more and more illegal trades appeared. The “Speakeasies” where people went for illegal alcohol beverages were created. The transport business was operating. That made a new kind of crime--the “bootlegging”.(Clash of Cultures) Obviously Prohibition did not make an good effect to the society. The 18th Amendment was replaced later. “Prohibition and drinking” was a part of the 1920s culture. Look at today’s society, there are still some alcoholics. But the legal alcohol’s price had reduced, therefore less people go crazy for illegal alcohol. The flapper is another part of the 1920s culture--women got the right to vote, at the same time got the right to show themselves in the public. They wore short skirts, bobbed their hair. They did whatever they thought was right. The flappers reset the view of society what was acceptable. Nowaday, women show their bodies, society does not judge that much any more. People are used to accept dressing diversity of women. Back in the 1920s, the flapper was totally the “new