Why Did The Nazi Party Manipulate Germany

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First and foremost, the Nazi Party was able to manipulate the German people by providing a scapegoat to which they could blame all their problems onto. As Germany had been plagued under disastrous economic outcomes under the Treaty of Versalles, it was natural for the people to wonder why nothing was showing for what they were doing. Since there was such an economic downturn, people were naturally looking for answers outside their own government, the Weimar Republic, which many Germans referred to as a Jew Republic. As well as Jews, the Nazis hated many other types of people and because of this hatred,members of the Nazi party had perpetrated many acts of violence. After a rally at the Sportpalast in Berlin, Christopher Isherwood recounted, “I heard one of the Nazis shout:”That’s him.” And immediately …show more content…
However this man was, whether he was Jewish, Gypsy, or African, it was clear that he was not one of them and that he was responsible for Germany’s problems. As well as violence occurring among the party’s supporters, the Nazi party also campaigned on an openly anti-Semitic message. In a poster used by the Nazi party for the 1924 Reichstag Elections, it shows a fat man who is Jewish since he is wearing a Star of David pulling flowers as well as the caption for the poster reading ,”The String Puller. White Collar and Manual Laborers:Vote for the Volkischen Block.”(Document H:Poster:”The String Puller.White Collar and Manual Laborers:Vote for the Volkischen Block,”1924) According to this poster, the Nazis believed that while the Jews were profiting, working-class Germans were getting pulled and thrown into economic hardship. As you can see through this example, just like during the Russian pogroms, Jews were falsely accused for the economic hardship of the country. Through these two examples, it was shown that the Nazi Party was the voice of anger for what was wrong with