Why Did The Revolutionary War Happen

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The Revolutionary War was the one of the most important event in the U.S. history. It lasted from April 19, 1775 to October 19, 1781 and at the end, there were some 4,435 deaths on the American side, and almost twice as much on the British side. The main reason it started is because of all the taxes that the king of England put on the 13 colonies, such as the Sugar act and the Townshed act. The first big main event was the Boston massacre. It started when some boys were taunting a British guard walking his post. More Bostonians joined in and started to throw snowballs and rocks at him. He got frightened and called for help. A group of soldiers came out of the building and put their bayonets on their muskets and then loaded them. More Bostonians came and with sticks and bats. Finally a British musket went off, and five men were killed, including a freed slave Crispus Attucks.
The Another main event the happened was the Boston Tea Party, where angry colonists were mad at the tea taxes, which made it so you had to pay for your daily tea. The colonist did not like this, so some people boycotted the tea suppliers, but some thought different. A group of people dressed up as Indians, went to a supplying ship and started throwing big boxes of tea into the harbor, and those
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But he found a break on Christmas Eve, when he got word from a scout that some Hessians (German soldiers) were camping on the other side of the stream, and were celebrating the holiday. Washington decided that he can take the advantage and attack that morning. So he rowed his cannons and troops across the Delaware river and when he got across, he set up troops and cannons on the top of the valley, and the when the Hessians woke up, they were fired upon with cannons and artillery so hard, that most of the Hessians