Why Did The Weimar Republic Fail

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On July 28 1919, the Treaty of Versaille was signed (Treaty of Versaille) and this Treaty was the Treaty to decide Germany after the war.. Before the signing the king of Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm II fled the country in November 1918 (Llewellyn, J. “Weimar Republic Timeline”) and the SDP (Social Democratic Party) leader Philipp Scheidemann made Germany into the Weimar Republic (“Llewellyn, J. Weimar Republic Timeline”). The Weimar Republic is the name of the Republic made after World War One. Germany at the time had thought that the Treaty would be based on the president of the USA (Woodrow Wilson's) 14 points that were made on january 8 1918(“fourteen points”). These points would be reevaluated at the Paris Peace Conference and altered(“Todd, …show more content…
In November 8, 1918 Philipp Scheidemann made Germany into a Republic which drastically changed the type of government. (Llewellyn, J Why the Weimar Republic Failed). In it there were many small parties each with a different plan on what to do with the country because the government(“Llewellyn, J. Weimar Republic Timeline."). They had to form coalition in order to get anything done but these were still uncommon as some parties decided to not join any. Even then the president could overrule any decision because of article 48(Die Verfassung Des Deutschen Reichs. Die). With mistrust in the government as they overruled decisions constantly (Die Verfassung Des Deutschen Reichs. Die) and the fact that Germany at the time couldn’t agree on why Germany lost the government was in turmoil. Some groups thought that Germany never lost but it was all a plan by the social jews(“Llewellyn, J. Why the Weimar Republic Failed."). With them thinking Germany was never beaten they would have spend more which worsened the economy even more. That's why the Treaty isn’t the only factor to ruin their economy as the politics of the Weimar Republic instability also contributed to