Why Did Theorem Inc. Need To Find A UK Manager?

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Jay Rawal

Case study 3

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November 20, 2012

Professor Shihong Yao, Ph.D.

St. Clair College 1. Why did Theorem Inc. need to find a UK manager?
=> a) In order to spread theorem Inc business all over UK and Europe theorem Inc find a UK manager. b) To eliminate the regional differences they needed a Manager from UK.
c) Get controls over the market and to spread their business the needed a manger from UK.
d) To remove cultural differences they hired a manger from UK. To get greater control over the market and establish their own business.
e) To increase flexibility of operations in UK and Europe Theorem Inc had to appoint a business development manager from UK. 2. Why did they use Calx Europe? => a) Calx has a developed and established business which would compliment in the development of Theorem.
b) Expansion of Theorem Inc is less time consuming as compared to developing their own business.
c) Using Calx Europe involves less risk developing their own different segment of business.
d) Turning toward Calx Europe will reduce the managerial burden and increase the accuracy of making correct decision making. e) Detail Information about the close candidates would help Theorem Inc to hire suitable candidate for the required post. 3. How did they find the talent? => By partnering with Clax Europe Theorem Inc find their ideal talent by using the following hiring tools.
A) Establishing a structure of the candidate which they needed for the managerial post.
B) Ensured performance of the candidate as the payment of Clax was dependent on the performance of that candidate, the candidate was hired as a third part employer.
C) Short listing of Mangers was done on different parameters such as body language,