Why Do Athletes Get Overpaid

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Athletes are paid more because they support the team and they city they play for.

Professional athletes are on the front pages in every media source. This is one example

of one of the athletes getting paid abundance amounts of money. One example is

Stephen Curry and he plays for the Golden State, his salary is 11.37 Million dollars and

he plays basketball and be in front in media. All athletes get paid big money and be

famous and all they do is just play a game and other people have to work hard to get


But, the state of professional sports can be crazy.

According to dailyhearald.com, it claims that athletes are way overpaid. Our president

gets paid $400,000 and he runs our countermand athletes get paid 13.3 Million.
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That just shows how much they really get paid. Players have learned

that playing basketball or other sports can open many doors.

Many basketball players and other sport players know that this could lead them into big

money and just to play a game and be getting paid more then most people is crazy to

me. Media gives a lot of their eyes in games and people see how that player is doing

well and then they give their attention to that player and then they get paid more just

seeing people giving them attention. Firstly, professional athletes make huge income to

the sports industry. The sports industry is very cool because it

has interest in so many fields. A stadium can bring billions of dollars interest by selling

tickets and sports gear like a star's jersey and signed sneakers. According to

statistics, back in 1990s Michael Jordan alone brought more than 10 billion income to

the economy annually. So now the fact that Michael Jordan earned several million a

year that is just amazing.

Athletes are just like expensive products that make huge interest if you really see it.

Besides, professional athletes are relatively compared to teachers, scientists

and people in other professions. For example most of the people can make a