Why Do Book Students Read Next Year

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Do teachers want to choose the books their students read next year? Teachers should be able to pick what books students read next year in english class. Some reasons are, first, it can increase the students vocabulary. Next, the teachers can better assist the students with staying on topic. Lastly, the teachers would know what kind of language is in the book. These are the reasons that the teachers should be able to choose the books they read next year.
Although it would be interesting to let the students choose the books to read, I think it would be more effective to let the teachers choose the books for a variety of reasons. For instance, it increases that students vocabulary. In my experience, when teachers choose books I learn a lot of new vocabulary words and when I choose a book I only learn a few vocabulary words. Teachers have more vocabulary skills, so when they pick the book they know what kind of vocabulary the students are going to learn. I believe that, the teachers should choose the book because the teacher knows each and every student strength and weakness for vocabulary.This is just one of the many reasons why teachers should get to choose the books.
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If the students choose the book it might not be about the topic they are learning about, but if the teachers choose the books then it is going to be about what they have been learning. Teachers know how to choose a book that stays on topic to best teach the students. If the students have questions the teacher can better assist if she understands the material fully. This helps the students better comprehend the material they are reading. As one can see, the teacher should definitely choose the