Why Do College Athletes Deserve To Get Paid

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Do College Athletes Deserve to be Paid?

Fans from all over come to watch these athletes play, having tailgate parties, painting their faces, or going full out in sportswear. Over the past few decades, college athletics have been bringing excitement and have been gaining immense popularity across the United States. Whether it be football, basketball, or any sport, ever since the turn of the century, intercollegiate sports have brought in a surplus of revenue to their Universities, as well as increasing the popularity of the College’s reputation. Many believe that college athletes need to be paid for their hard work, but many think they already receive enough. College athletes shouldn’t be rewarded to play because they already have enough benefits through their sports programs, and the primary reason for colleges is for education not sports, as well as it could make tuition more costly.
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So many of these athletes are already paid monetarily in the form of scholarships, that can then lead to a college degree which gives athletes an opportunity to find a job (Walch). These sports programs also provide some student-athletes the opportunity to get excellent educations for which they ordinarily would not have been qualified, or have applied. These programs also give athletes the opportunity to become professional athletes. You also have to overlook that these athletes receive the best training, best facilities, the best nutrition, and the best coaching in the world. The primary reason for a University is to educate, paying athletes runs contrary to the main function of college institutions (Walch). Just because they aren't receiving money for what they do doesn’t mean they’re not getting