Why Do Government Use Drones?

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Drones are the flying robots, which are controlled by human hands, and it can be considered as a miniature of a plane. It is commonly known as drones however, it can also be called as “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”. The process of a flight of drones can be controlled autonomously with computers or a pilot can maintain the use with a remote control. “In 2007 FAA issues a policy statement prohibiting the use of drones for commercial purposes (Gent).” Since then, the commercial use of drones has only belonged to the government or any agency that government allows. The reason behind this case is that people can use it for bad purposes such as delivering drugs, entering into illegal areas, or tracking anything that has the illegal use. On the other hand, …show more content…
Government officers revealed the news for those who are dropping drugs in Ohio prison by using drones meanwhile the prisoners were outside which created an enormous fight between inmates. “The package was dropped July 29 at the Mansfield Correctional Institution, about 65 miles southwest of Cleveland. A spokeswoman for the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction tells the Mansfield News Journal it contained almost a quarter of an ounce of heroin, over 2 ounces of marijuana and more than 5 ounces of tobacco (Drone drops drugs in Ohio).” Drones are capable of many things in today’s world and as it is a recent market, the law behind is not totally developed. According to the FAA’s 2007 Act, this purpose of using drones are obviously illegal. However, no harm has been done to any inmate while they were searching the package in the yard. “Last November, four suspects were arrested for flying a DJI Spektrum DX6i hexacopter attempting to smuggle tobacco into Calhoun State Prison, in Morgan, Georgia. And a year before, a drone was spotted - potentially dropping off drugs for inmates - at a jail in Quebec (Drone drops drugs in Ohio).” As a result, we can see that drones can be used for bad purposes in the public. So on, the act of FAA should last since the drone-law develops enough. The FAA act cannot physically prevent these kinds of violations. Therefore, Brian Hearing invented a drone, which has the capability of detecting drones, so for those who are using for bad purposes now will face Hearing’s invention the “Drone-Shield”. “Drone-Shield helps your security force identify unauthorized drones using real-time alerts and digital evidence collection. An enterprise-grade sensor network with our patent-pending acoustic detection technology can sense drones that are invisible to radar or that lack radio-frequency links (Drone-Shield).” As the technology grows up we will always be facing