Why Do I Admire Jackie Robinson A Hero

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I admire a lot of people. Most of them are my family members but this one is different. I admire this person because of his contribution to the world, the sacrifices he made to accomplish his goal, and the fact that no matter how hard things got, he pulled through and kept going. His name is Jackie Robinson.
I admire Jackie Robinson for multiple reasons. First of all he was the first African American baseball player. Second,not only did he become the first African American to play in the majors, but he broke the color barrier so all African Americans could play in the major leagues and third, he helped fight segregation in the 1860’s.
Starting off Jackie was born January 31,1919 in the town of Cairo, Georgia. Jackie had four other siblings and at a young age their father walked out and never came back so it had been up to his mother to provide for five kids alone. Even as a child Jackie didn't have the greatest life as he was only allowed to go to the city pool once a week and sometimes other white kids would call him names. When Jackie started going to school and when he developed his love for sports. By high school he was in track, basketball, football, and baseball. When college came around he played every sport imaginable. After college Jackie went to the army and met a soldier who player in the negro
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Playing baseball was hard for Jackie. Other teams would call him names and shout at him and sometimes he would want to fight them but he didn’t, he kept his cool and kept playing. Over his years of baseball more and more African Americans were playing in the majors. Instead of there being only one African American for the dodgers, there were now three and even more on other teams. All thanks to Jackie there was a variety of baseball players in the