Why Do Kids Do Drugs In Schools

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Teens in middle school and high school are abusing and selling illicit substances, other wise known as drugs. This is a problem occurring all across America and it needs to stop. Teens from age 13 through 19 are involved with drugs, and in 2016 38.3% of high schoolers were abusing drugs in America.

Studies show that kids do drugs due to five main reasons. One, they want to fit in with other teens who do drugs to make them feel cool. Two, to feel good because some teens do drugs to feel good and carefree. Three, to feel better if they have divorced parents or other mental or physical troubles. Four, to do better, some kids do drugs to try to do better in school or in sports. Five, to experiment how kids do well in school.

Drugs can affect people’s lives in many ways. They cause an immediate actions to your body. They can cause injuries and diseases to your bodies. Once you are addicted to the drug use that you are using, it is very hard to step down from the drug use. It causes many of the following effects depression, violence, addiction, stress and more.
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With the right amount of care you need, you will be able to survive with right care. Some ways to treat drug use is medication and dog patrol at school. With these facts to support my conclusion, my advice is to stay away from the drugs that affect the way you live right now. Overall drug use has played a major role against