Essay on Why do palm oil to difficult family kitchen?

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According to the United States department of agriculture statistics, in 2012 the global nine kinds of edible oil consumption of 114 million tons, and more than 31% palm oil, palm oil consumption more than soybean oil as the world's big vegetable oil.
Palm oil, widely used, is often used as oil and food industry, we often eat instant noodles, biscuits, cream cake, chocolate, ice cream, cannot leave the palm oil, such as family use blend oil, palm oil as base oil.Palm oil have entered every aspect of life, but why for thousands of years of palm oil has not been widely used by ordinary family?
Relevant personage analysis, the reason of palm oil to difficult family kitchen has two aspects:
One, the tradition of the melting point of palm oil is higher, at about 20-30 degrees Celsius, so when the temperature is low to coagulate.European and American countries people have solid used in oil, and the Chinese habit is oil liquid oil, so the Chinese family will feel inconvenient in use;Second, traditional rice bran extract ( saturated fatty acid content is exorbitant, saturated fatty acid content as high as 51%, is thought to do not accord with standard of modern health oil.
But super palm fruit oil is a major breakthrough, in the history of the palm oil for palm oil "two", namely lower melting point and low saturation of fatty acids.
According to julong group research and development department director shao-hua liao with the popular image of the four sentences to summarize characteristics of holiday super palm fruit oil:
1. Nutrition is not afraid of fire.Nutrition does not decompose at high…