Why Do People Use Steroids In Sports

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Steroid use is a major factor in the United States today. The use of steroids in sports is something that has been debated on by all major athletes. Many people have there own opinions, but cheating in any sport means you have no respect for your teammates or the game. Today there are so many people abusing the drug, there have been over 20 cases of people being banned from their sport for the usage of the drug. One of the biggest cases that has happen in the past years is, the Mark Mcgwire case. Mark was one of the most powerful hitters ever to step on the diamond of a baseball field even before he started using steroids. Once the steroid use came into his life, he hit more homeruns than any other person in baseball in the 8 year stretch. Mark was caught using the drug in the summer of 2004. He has now been banned from being elected to Baseball Hall of Fame. …show more content…
Some of the older players take them because they “lost a step”. They don't want to be showed up by a young and more talented athletes. That could even be reversed, the young players see these old guys still doing great things so the young guys want to use the steroids to make them better. The way people eject the drug into your body is by needle. This eject the needle and the substance into the gluteus maximus, and from there the drug does it thing. Most people don't understand that you still have to work out with the drug and still keep up with all activities and your best of your ability. If you don't exercise with this drug you can have terrible after effects from the drug. Here is so many reasons why not to take it, the way it affects your body is crazy. Athletes need to understand that you don't have to take steroids to be great, just work at after thing you have and that's how you become