Why Do Pitbulls Be Banned

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Pit bulls are just normal animals with horrible reputations. For a while Pit bulls have not had this horrible reputations it has just been given to them and people need to help build up the Pit-bull reputation so they are not banned forever.
Pit bull reports are so over exaggerated and that’s part of the reason that pit bulls have such a bad reputation. For example, if reporters are covering a dog attack and they don’t know the breed but it kind of looks like a pit bull they will call it one. What If some reporter accused you dog of being something it’s not. Also reporter will not cover a dog attack unless it involves a pit bull. For instance, what would you think if a lab attacked you and it did not get reported you would
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In fact, Pit bulls were once a symbol of American pride. They were because they helped people in all kinds of ways. They helped herd animals and they helped guard things and very importantly pit bulls were very good hunters and helped a lot of people. What if you were one of those people that had a pit bull if you didn’t have one can you imagine the struggle for all those people to eat and be as safe as possible? Pit bulls were also a symbol of American pride because they fought and wars and helped win them and keep people safer. Actually one pit bull that fought in a war named stubby won an award for what he had done. That’s how helpful pit bulls were at this time. How would you feel if you fought in that war and a pit bull had saved your life? I’m guessing you wouldn’t want to ban it.
A known argument of banning pit bulls is that pit bulls are vicious animals and should be banned from all homes. People think that these dogs should be banned because of all the bites and injuries they have caused. But, I don’t think that pit bulls should be banned because the injuries that have been made by pit bulls are not always just out of nowhere. Sometimes you can be petting a pit bull and it attacks you. But, you don’t know their injuries or anything about the dog. So, it is not always the pit bulls