Why Do Schools Start Later

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“Sleep isn’t a priority for teenagers, and it typically isn’t made one by parents or schools,” said by Jodi Mindell, a Director in Psychology at St. Joseph’s University. Schools start around 8 in the morning and students have to be prepared to begin their assignments when their brains aren’t even fully awake yet. Schools starting early has an effect on the amount of sleep a student gets every night, although tasks that need to be done after school will be cut back short. If school starts later, there will be a higher attendance rate, more alertness, and students will be much happier.
There will be a higher attendance rate in school, therefore, students will have improved academic skills. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) claims that 60% of children 18 and under complained that they were tired during the school day and 15% claimed that they had fallen asleep at school. For an adolescent, it is normal to not be able to fall asleep before 11 pm because their internal body
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In the morning, it could be difficult to actually learn information because teens are constantly wanting to fall asleep so early in the day. From my personal experience at school, I am always tired during my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-period classes because it’s so early in the day. At Jackson Hole High School in Wyoming, there was an about a 70% drop in car accidents because they weren’t as tired and were more aware of their surroundings. “It is very complicated to change a school or district schedule because community life revolves around school hours,” says Terra Ziporyn Snider, co-founder and an Executive Director of “School Start Later”, a program to encourage districts to have schools start later. This makes changing school schedules difficult because businesses that high school students are employed to have to adjust to the later time that they get