Why Do Students Feel Forced To Learn

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the main factor. The fact that students lose all interest in the teaching process when they feel forced to learn is enough to understand this notion. What happens when they feel forced to learn is that the freedom to obtain joy and natural satisfaction from the very process of fulfilling curiosity is completely erased, so there is no space for intrinsic motivation, which is the central motivator for this dissertation and also for those two aforesaid authors. That being said, the first point to take into account is not to create in students urgency and compulsion. For this purpose there is to take in mind that there are some elements out of the class that influence students. First of all, society and its replicated currents of thought already push students to a position where learning is something which must happen quickly and in …show more content…
In comparison with the other group, the conclusion was that a future job had become the cause to motivate them. In this field of study, there are some other strength points that the teacher can promote if students do not see the second language as something valuable for their job, taking into account that the real situation is that they are not planning to work in the short term. That is why they cannot see proficiency in English as a tool to obtain a better position or workplace. So, in this point the teacher can focus the attention to other motivational elements, in case that the reference to a job does not work, as it can happen if students are too young. Two of these elements are the usefulness of a second language to travel and to establish new friendships with people from all over the world, a situation for which English is the most adequate language nowadays. However, these stimuli can mean nothing if students are not in contact with people from other culture, or at least plan to do so. Although the theoretical concept can sound really well, it will occur the same as what happens with the job. It is of no