Essay on Why Do Students Speak Gay Lingo?

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Why do students speak Gay lingo?
For Heterosexual students
The aim of the speakers is to be au courant. Heterosexual students want to show that they are well-informed in this genre of speaking. They want to let people know that they also have the capacity to speak gay lingo eventhough they are not inside the world of the homosexual where it is spoken. Also, their intention is to be modern. Since social media has made swardspeak popular, students are exposed to it and thus influencing them to use it. Students who use swardspeak want to be updated. They aim to be conscious of the latest and newest word of the twists and turns of the new verbal acrobatic act.
According to a Philippine Star journalist, Samantha King, “In the world of
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Wit and humour characterise gay language. Students use it because it’s funny and witty. A conversation without gayspeak can be categorized as bland and boring but with gay lingo, every conversation will no doubt be colourful. An example of gay lingo as a bringer of color and humour is when it is used in Filipino movies like ‘The Return of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah’ and ‘Remington and the Curse of the Zombadings’. Without gay lingo, these blockbuster movies will never be as much fun or they couldn’t be made at all.
For homosexual students
“Few heterosexuals can imagine the sense of relief which a gay man or lesbian finds in a gay bar or dyke bar in a strange city in a foreign country. Even if one cannot speak the local language, we feel a sense of identification. Besides, we generally like meeting one another, learning about what is happening to people ‘like us’ from other parts of the world” –Activist Simon Watney (1995) Filipino gay students are no different than Activist Simon Watney felt when he is away from his home and is in an unfamiliar territory. Like any other students, homosexuals find it hard to fit in. It is harder for them because their status or situation is usually frowned upon. Gay lingo makes it easier for them to find a group where they are really a part of. It is a tool where they can feel a sense of belongingness and identification. “It always astounds me how two complete gay strangers who just met