Why Do Violent Video Games Cause Violence In America?

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How often, do you wonder, are violent video games the cause of gun shootings in America? Well scientists say there is very little links to violent video games and violence it self. The United States of America is the only state that has a lot of violent video games and a lot of violence. The was a study with american psychiatrists following kid gamers specializing in violent video games. The kids did very well in math, science and social studies to a higher degree.
One of the countries with more violent video games and less violence is Japan. One of the nicknames for Japan is the home of violent video games. Many of the worst video games have been made and sold here. The community’s in Japan bond around video games. There are super complexes with mass amounts of arcades. Japan is the only country where you can go to any city in Japan and find something like that. The killings by guns in Japan is one of the lowest in the world. “But a new report from the American
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The University of Padua has found out the video games have helped people/kids with dyslexia read and write better than they normally would. Surgeons say that computer video games and Tv video games help translate how the body works. The video game should help the students perform unreal surgeries with no background. At the American Pain Society’s annual scientific meeting they looked at video games. Most virtual reality video games. These are (according to a recent study) the best ways to take their mind off and heal stroke victims. They have reported less stress and fear. The scientists have also found out that burn wounds tend to hurt less (about 30-50%)! “This is no excuse for binging,” Bavelier said. “We know that kids who spend a lot of time on computers do less well at school. If you spend too much time on this new media, you spend less time on homework and you will do less