Why Do You Deserve This Award Essay

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One of the reasons why I deserve this award is because of the passion, sacrifice and discipline shown throughout my lifespan as a student. My classmates always referred to me as the smart guy who demonstrated lots of respect towards school, did the assignment on time and would show affection for every class. However, I would not define myself as a brainy person. Math related subjects have always been a problem for me, and don’t understand why, nonetheless after all my years as a student, teachers matured my spirit of discipline and affection towards school. My parents have also referred to me as a disciplined student who knows which decisions to choose on hard times. Sometimes some of their friends would make them strange questions about …show more content…
As a result of this small acts of personal satisfaction classmates and school faculty members would refer to me as a brilliant guy. Some of my companions where more brilliant than me however they had no passion, or enthusiasm of being an outstanding student and there is a Japanese proverb that says: Discipline sooner or later will defeat intelligence. Earning this award would be the start of my fantasy of studying abroad and develop into a business manager, unlike many people I have long - term plans. I plan to attend and graduate from a 2-year institution, then transfer to a 4-year college, graduate and consequently obtain a good job to continue to reach my goal of obtaining a Master’s degree that is the objective to reach. Studying abroad and prepare myself to become a skillful professional is the target I have on my mind right now. Obtaining this award would alleviate the situation of paying for college and of course it would relieve the finances of my parents as well. Yet it is not easy to obtain