Why Do You Think The Filmmakers Make Such Changes When Creating Films?

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What are your impressions of the film so far? Have you noticed any differences to the book? The way the animators have animated the movie is great because there aren’t any skips when the characters move. I like the way it started; with the creation of the doll which watches Coraline and then leads her to the door. I have noticed that there was only minor changes from the book to the movie but all of the changes work well with and it improves the storyline. I liked when Coraline went exploring and she found a door, went in and flicked a switch that completely cut the electricity from the whole house. 2) Why do you think the filmmakers make such changes when creating films? In the book the story is often told from the main characters point of view and when it comes to the movie, the filmmakers have to change it to make more sense. They can sometimes change it so that there is less work involved for them, such as special effects or plot twists and other times they just think it would make the film more enjoyable. 3) Imagine you are a journalist interviewing Coraline at the end of her adventure. Write down 10 questions you’d like to ask her. Then, imagine you are Coraline. Answer these 10 questions. 1­ What was your first impressions of the other mother?
She looked like my mother, so I instantly trusted her.
2­ If you felt uncomfortable in the other house why did you go back?
I wanted to go back because I am an explorer and that is what explorers do; they explore.
3­ Were you scared when you saw the other mother with button eyes? What was your first thought?
I was horrified. I didn’t know why she had button eyes and the worst thing was that you couldn’t see where she was looking. She could have been looking right at you or she could’ve been looking out the window; she never blinked either.
4­ Did you like the other father more or less than the other mother? Why?
I began to like the other father more