Why Do You Think They Are Built For Procat Compactes?

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Martin Gitau
Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Dear Carey,
I am an English student in the above named college and I read your book in class. First, I would like to commend you for the good work you did highlighting the way our learning institutions have been commercialized. I could not agree with you more in this topic.
First, I am a believer of college education as a means of bettering everybody’s life. I also believe that, we as good citizens should lead by example in everything we preach. I am dismayed by People like Michael Clifford who to quote your very first paragraph “believes that education is the only path to world peace”. It is ironical that, he himself did not go to college, he has become so rich by buying colleges and later selling the ownership to the public. If Clifford believes so much in education, why would he earn a degree rather than be given honorary degrees by the institutions he and other businessmen own?
Our country is sinking deep in debts because there are so many machinations by the few rich. They make sure that the low and middle class are ever in that level and it will take people like you to educate them on how to break the vicious cycle of poverty. If big corporations like Walmart are genuinely in need of helping their needy staff, why can’t they partner with public or community colleges where the fees are subsidized? These institutions know very well that these cannot afford the exorbitant fees but instead of assisting them, they not only put them deeper in poverty but are also comprising the future generations by ensuring