Why Do I Buy Essay

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As I learn about the psychology of selling in the class, why people buy, and the golden rule in my mind. Salespeople realize that people buy a product because of a need, and that need can be complex due influence of perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and personality. They can providing all kinds information that matches product features, advantages, and benefits with a buyer’s needs, attitudes, and beliefs increases the chances of selling the person the correct product. So in the following statements, I will tell my story that what steps do I go through in making a purchase decision in my life.

First I want talk about internet, why do I need internet. One of the things that makes internet indispensable for me is that internet is easily accessible. It is enough for me to enter a word or phrase to reach so much information about it. Also I need the internet because i keep in contact with my family and friends that have been away for a long time and family and friends could be kept up to date with anything that's going on. However, all these advantages make the internet a part of my life. I tend to use internet even when we only wonder about something. So that’s why I have to talk about the product’s advantage is really important as relate to my need to make the purchase decision.

Second I want talk about my smart phone, why do I buy smartphone but not cellphone. Cell phones are operated by proprietary software designed and simple text messages. Smart phone are operated by independent software and is designed to work with multiple device. Smart phone have superior functionality for accessing the internet and checking email and these abilities are a primary feature. Also smart phone has a mobile operating system is much like what’s powering your personal computer at home or at work. In the mobile world, though, the software goes by different names. While cell phone don’t have operating system at all. That’s the reason why I choose the smart phone.

Third I want talk about my car the…