Why Does The Antibiotic Resistance Problem Represent An Example Of Evolution

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1. what was the original purpose of Darwin’s voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle, and what was the ultimate significance of the Voyage?
The original purpose of Darwin’s voyage was to learn and discover more about biology and to gain insight on plant and animal species. The stated intent of the voyage was to obtain evidence that supported the biblical theory of creation as well as chart poorly known parts of the South American coastline.

2. Why does the Antibiotic resistance problem represent an example of evolution?
The antibiotic problem is a perfect example of evolution because it shows how species have adapted and evolved based on their environment. It shows how bacteria can adjust and either thrive or die when faced
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If this gene is inserted into my tomatoes, then they now can be dangerous for people who are allergic to fish, and now allergic to my tomatoes.

7. Explain how natural selection could have produced the modern long necked giraffe from short-necked ancestors?
Due to natural selection and Darwin’s 3 conditions, long neck giraffes could have been produced from shorter necked ancestors for the following reasons.
The ones with longer necks could have more easily reached the leaves at the top of trees, therefore getting better nutrition than those with the shorter necks. The fitter Giraffes (with longer necks) then reproduce and carry the longer neck gene. Over thousands of years this could be the reason the long neck giraffe is what it is today. It would be partly due to Descent with modification of a longer neck.

Lesson 3

8. Explain how genetic drift can lead to a reduction in the genetic variation within a population?
A) Genetic variation is the variation in the form of each gene and genetic drift are the changes In allele frequency in populations.
Genetic drift usually is most present in small populations, where infrequent alleles are at more of a risk of being lost. Once this pattern begins, genetic drift will continue until the rare alleles either get lost by a population. This causes a decrease in genetic diversity within a population. A lack of genetic diversity then leads to a reduction in the forms of each gene that is being