Essay on Why Education Is a Priority to Me

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Personal Essay
In my family, education wasn’t a priority whatsoever. My father attended school up to high school and then eventually dropped out to live the life of a gangster. My biological mother hasn’t been in my life since i can remember. When i was there my father met my step mother and she got pregnant, soon after she dropped out as well. My father was adopted so, you know how that goes. And my step moms mother was always high so she didn’t really care. They had no factors that influenced their education.
Education to me is an opportunity us Americans have to gain knowledge and put that to use in the real world in for future references. We all come to school to educate ourselves while getting taught new things at the same time. There are hundreds of thousands of other kids who have the potential, or even more, who don’t the opportunity we get to become something in life.
We are given a short amount of time to attend class and i feel that we should all take the chance we are optioned and run with it.
I come to school in the hopes of graduating and attending college to become a doctor.
Anything i learn in school, i hope to use for any future plans or if i ever need it i’ll know. Some of the most important things i’ve learned was about ISIS and how they’re trying to scare us just to stop the war we’re now in. We learned how to properly tell the difference in history, when someone is lying or boasting from the truth.
My long term goals include me graduating high school and then going to a community