Why Fashion Really Matter1 Essay

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Yan Shu Yan
April.1 2015 Why does fashion really matters?

Fashion gives expression to social realities and represents in part the world in progress and influences people. It is a plain sight that a vital characteristic of modern society is the increasing level of the tendency in the fashion industry, with researching how fashion virtually plays a critical role in people’s common lives. First of all, some senior celebrities are significantly basic factor for establishing the sustainable development of contemporary fashion. In what way do celebrities shape the fashion trend? The eye-catching closes of famous people define the direction of fashion tendency. As they do so, people who are concern about what they should wear are good-looking would follow this direction, and then figure out the problem of how they should dress. Under the rapid development of entertainment, more and more events similar to celebrities, such as vocal concerts, news conferences, fan meetings, offer a reference to the fashionable direction to most people. We usually call that celebrity effect. Furthermore, it is manifest that the most influencing aged group is young people. Most of them pay plenty of attention to their clothing, and fashion tendency becomes the current topic they generally discuss. For instance, Air Jordan is in favor with young-aged group. With the purpose of gaining a pair of Air Jordan, they even willing to line up for the whole night at the outside of shoe store, then showing their fruits on personal website, which make up their superiority feeling, at the same time, it fosters the young people’s psychological comparison of clothing. In order to