Essay Why Foreigners Find America Amazing

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Keion Garcia
English G-1
Mrs. Walker
April 8, 2013
College Application Essay
Being a foreigner to America at one point, it started to become clear to me that it was the place that dreams come true, the so called American Dream. Native to the Caribbean islands Trinidad and Tobago, I left at an early age but even being young I realized that it was not the ideal place to get an accurate education. It was a poor country and living with my dad and older sister we supported each other by doing our duties in the family. My dad always preached to me that it is crazy how the world works and that kids should know what they want to do when they’re young because their minds remain so vast and wild. He said that having to make choices as you get older become harder as you go because the mind gets frustrated and fills with turmoil and stress. My father’s words of wisdom never left my mind and stuck with me. Zealous and devoted is what you can describe him as because he took the risk of bringing his child to a country he’s never stepped foot on is beyond courageous.
No one could feel as overwhelmed, joyful and pleased as I had reached this land of successfulness and triumph. By this point in my life I am starting to develop a sense of reasoning and finally understanding how things work out in America. Each and every time I am unsure of a decision I want to make or even thinking if this stride forward will make me a better person, I think back to my dad’s discussions with me. Throughout almost every implication I’ve had in my life, there was not one time that my dad’s preaches never came to mind. It was almost as if he was the good side my self-conscious because he always told me to do positive things no matter what the situation was.
Essentially without my dad I would