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Hello, my name is Nichole Faulkner. I have been attending VUJC for a little over 2 years now. I will graduate with a certificate this May and will graduate with my Associates degree in December.

I am very active on campus and highly encourage you to do so also. And by “active” I mean that you do not just go to class and then leave campus. I attend the lunch and learns, I watch the shows that student activities host, and I hold officer positions in many clubs and attend many meetings and events.

I have grown so much as a person by being active on campus. When I say that I mean a couple of things. First of all, I am no longer that extremely shy girl I used to be in high school. I was one of the shyest individuals in my graduation class. I would never speak up and say what I thought and would just go with the flow. I am no longer that shy girl and I look forward to opportunities that I can express my opinions now. Each and everyone on of us have good opinions and ideas and should have the courage to step up and tell everyone their great ideas.

Additionally, by holding officer positions at VUJC I have learned leadership skills and have learned how to apply those skills to everything that I do. When you go to start looking for a career after you graduate, employers are looking for those leadership skills and those are the people who get hired.

I have also made a ton of new friends and I get to try and learn new exciting things all the time. So I highly encourage you to become active once you enroll in college.

There are many reasons why you should choose VUJC as the community college for you. First of all because of

Work or Family Obligations
Most community colleges offer weekend and evening courses, so you can take classes while juggling other obligations in your life. Four-year colleges rarely offer this type of flexibility -- classes meet throughout the day, and college needs to be your full-time employment.

Also, another reason is that
Your Career Choice May Not Require a Bachelor’s Degree
Community colleges offer many certifications and associate degree programs that you won’t find at four-year schools. Many technology and service careers do not require a four-year degree, and the type of specialized training you need is available only at a community college.

A lot of people choose because of
Community college costs just a fraction of the total price tag for public or private four-year residential colleges. If you’re short on cash and don’t have the test scores to win a merit scholarship, community college can save you thousands. But don’t make your decision based entirely on money -- many four-year colleges offer