Why Gun Control Is Important Essay

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Guns are everywhere in this country. The second amendment is one of the most widely supported and defended rights in the United States. Since guns are such widely owned items in the country, be it for home protection or for hunting game, it is important that every gun owner be well versed in safety protocol for handling guns. If you are even considering purchasing a gun, then here are some essential guidelines that, if applied, will keep you safe.

What is widely considered to be the most important safety guideline is to never, under any circumstances, assume that a gun is not loaded. This unsafe assumption has led to more and more gun related injuries, and even deaths, than any other. It does not matter who gave you the gun, if you remember unloading it last time you handled it, or any other reason, you should never assume that a gun is unloaded and safe to use. There is no such as a safe gun, and as the old saying goes, the most dangerous kind of gun is the so-called unloaded gun. Always
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Specifically you need to clean it after each use. The reason you need to clean your gun after each time you use it is because it keeps your gun looking nice, but it also helps to prevent the gun from backfiring, which can be extremely dangerous.

The next thing you need to do is be sure to keep your finger off of the trigger at all times until you are ready to fire it. This is an obvious safety tip, but it is one that so many people forget about year after year. It is also important to keep the safety on your weapon at all times. As with the previous tip, this is a simple tip that is easily forgotten, so do not make the mistake of underestimating how important it is.

It is very important, as well, to be careful how you store your weapons. Never store your gun loaded, and do not store ammunition and your gun in the same place. This helps to ensure that your gun is not loaded when you remove it from wherever you keep