Why Honor Is Important To Me

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I have been asked to write an essay on which value means most to me. Many important values come to mind from freedom to trustworthiness. After taking a deeper look at these values and what they meant to me I can safely sum most of them up in one quality, honor. Honor has many meanings and can be viewed in many different ways. My definition of honor is having a respect for others, having a reputation that is exemplary, choosing to put the welfare of others above yours and continuously doing what is morally right. In this essay I will show how the value of honor can be a substitute for some of the more specific values as in trustworthiness. I mention trustworthiness so much because initially when this topic was brought up, that was my go to value. I believed that trustworthiness would sum up the values that are important to me. While it is important, just saying that I can trust someone only goes so far. If I know that a person to be …show more content…
Being surrounded by people that generally took care of one another, it skewed my vision of the “real world”. Once I graduated high school and moved out on my own I came to find that 99% of people I cane across are not honorable people. This comes at the cost of personal experiences. One big downfall of mine is compassion. I can feel for the person in a bad situation or that has a sad story to tell. I can’t count the number of times I have been approached in the parking lot by someone holding a gas can saying they just need a few dollars only to see them a week later with the same story. With my upbringing I was first to expect the best from people. It is hard to outwardly express the honor that you have for others when you are betrayed time and time again. I have come to the realization that the issue is that person pulling a scam is the one without honor and there is nothing wrong with being apprehensive about helping