Why I Am As A Person

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I as a person am very proud to say I’m thankful for the obstacles I’ve been through and the things I have seen growing up. And living in the neighborhood I grew up I owe lots of thanks to that. Growing up where I’m from would change any person’s view of life; witnessing gang fights, watching men gamble-shooting dice on every porch. I was raised in as some would call “the ghetto”-known as Chocolate City, Goulds Florida. Seeing my mother working two jobs raising my older brother and me, we lived in an impressing home considering she was a single parent. Living in those surroundings has shaped me into a very motivated person who strives for the best, and refuse to settle for less than I feel I deserve. I aspire to do well in life and achieve great things. I wish to provide to my family in the future, and pursue all of my life long goals. I’m very humble and thankful my family has overcome and is now residing in a lovely suburb area. I will never consider my childhood neighborhood as an abomination-although I have observed domestic violence, gun brawls, and cops jumping out into neighbors’ homes it made me realize the important things in life, which most people especially young adults my age aren’t clear of, as in the things they wish to accomplish out of life. I had never followed around the wrong crowd, and have yet to be convinced to do something wrong or I didn’t want to do-withstanding peer pressure all due to my knowledge of right and wrong. At times as I scroll through my old neighborhood with the dead atmosphere,I pray and ask god that the children will learn from their surroundings and have knowledgeable minds to not only do better but live to the best of their ability. Visiting St. Thomas and seeing firsthand the classrooms, student dorm rooms and the teachers just made