Why I Chose Photography Research Paper

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Photographers are an artist with the camera, using a blend of skills and an artistic eye to take pictures of people, places, landscapes, food, etc. I wish to pursue this job for the art and doing something I have a fond love for. I have been interested in this career for quite some time now. I had started taking photos with my friend Sam’s camera and instantly loved it, I had finally got my camera for my birthday two years ago. Since then I've been out and about taking photos of anything and everything, which is why I would love having this career.

Photography is a career that is needed on many occasions, like for weddings, sports games, or even just for photos of nature. Photographers are an artist with the camera. We photographers use a blend of technical skills and using an artistic eye to take beautiful photos of just about anything you can think of. We use knowledge of how to use a camera and how to work the printing system. Photography is more difficult than it seems, you don’t just go out and take photos, you need to
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A polished portfolio, which is usually the main need for your graduation, is another benefit of a bachelor's degree program. After going through this program I should be able to tell everything there is to know about graphic arts and photography. After learning my way around a camera I should hopefully be ready to get my career started.

You need a high school diploma or equal to be able to make my career as a photographer. After your education, you will decide what to do next, whether it’s joining a company that already exist or starting your own from the bottom to the top. To be a photographer you must at least have the instruments you need to do what you need to do. Like, your printing system and or course a