Why I Move To Us

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Move to the US was a hope of my family and specially were my parents and sibling. I could find this desire of many people from many different countries moved to this country with several reasons as: prosperity, politics, peace, persecution, economic opportunities, religious freedom, justice, education, employment, or even natural disasters. However, I believe that all really moved to this country for one major reason… LOVE. Love for their families, love for their future, love for their descendants. With me, I moved to this country because I have three major reasons.
The first reason, I moved to the US because love for family. My family moved to the US is to reunited with my older brother. Since my older brother lived in the U.S when he was young and became a citizen. After long years we live separation so he took the whole family live together. Therefore, he is the one who can answerable the family over.
The second reason, I have an opportunity of getting a proper and a fordable education in the United State. In my country, there is no such thing as financial aid. If I have the money for school I can go. On top of that the education system is lower than the United State.
The third reason, I hope I will have a better future life. This is a modern life and civilization because the U.S is rich country and number one in the world. There are a good environment, advanced technology and traffic modern. This modern life has many high buildings and all the streets are clean than