Why I Teach Plato To Plumbers Analysis

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Free Society Why I Teach Plato to Plumbers is a great article by Samueslson It talks about the problems, that our modern society is currently facing. One of the problems is Why liberal arts should be taught in community colleges. Samueslson reason has strong points and if those ideas were applied in real life, they could change our society. Samuelson stated a lot of reason for allowing and the cost for allowing liberal arts in community colleges.
The whole message that Samuelson is trying to present to the audience is that we are losing our human values. Thriving to earning a high salary job only help the economy, but doesn’t define our education level. Liberal arts can help us as an individual to be more educated. In the article, he mentions the challenges that this course brings to community colleges Even though, this course consists of (Math, Science, and Economics) and to study these courses takes a lot of time, also these courses have their own unique requirements. These courses and their requirements, cost a lot of money for the community college students to pay. Time and Expensive fees are the main two reasons that the liberal arts are not taught in the community colleges.
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The reason the liberal arts should be taught in the community colleges is that course will teach students to be a part of a free society and secondly, it will teach the values of humanity, that we have forgotten in our way. This course has more to learn than others. We are not part of a Free society, but instead, we are enslaved in a finical system and yet we call our “free men” (Samuelson). Human values are part of us, but the more use of technology will take our human values