Why I Want To Be A Doctor Essay

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As a common knowledge, many people believe that medicine is one of the technical courses that students fear. In my belief, medicine is a difficult subject. Most people I know, who have studied medicine, are smart, not forgetting my father, who was also a medical doctor. To tell you the truths, I have developed a phobia for my dad’s profession. When I was a child, my parents wished I would have trained in a medical school. They had unmatched hopes that one day I would walk right in the footsteps of my brave dad. I also yearned for the profession, having known that I would be seen as a champion if I became a medical doctor.
Many people respected my father for being one of the few individuals who had managed to study medicine. According to my
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I must admit that all my hopes were left for the profession. Never did I stray in my thoughts by choosing a different profession. As young children often see their fathers, my father was my sole hero. In order to keep me steadfast, my father introduced me to medicine slowly. Perhaps my dad thought it would develop my interest in becoming a doctor. No one would ever doubt my wish and hopes of becoming a doctor, but me. Deep inside my thoughts, I was awry. I did not know the actual profession that I wanted to pursue after school. I thought that individuals are able to decide what they want later in life. My greatest lesson from this was that choices made in youth, have consequences in maturity. As a junior high school student, I was not aware of the in-depth aspects of medicine. My superficial understanding of the profession was that it is all about saving the lives of people.
Occasionally, I could see my peers rejecting medicine. I wondered why people do not want to associate themselves with courses that make them savers of lives. Nonetheless, I also had a feeling that medicine was not my course, but my father’s. As I continued living with this fear, I developed a mild phobia that gradually consumed my courage. Each day my father talked about medicine and my interest diminished. One part of me wanted to study medicine as the other part