Why I Want To Be A Medical Assistant Essay

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A wide variety of life experiences enhanced my determination to become a physician assistant. Life is filled with learning experiences that shape us, which in turn help us distinguish between our strengths and weaknesses. Until today, one experience that lingers in my mind was when I started working as a medical assistant. One of my beloved patients was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which struck me. I still remember her entering the constellation room and saying to me I have received a call to come see the Doctor and I am afraid she has bad news for me. I assured her with some warm thoughts and sat right beside her and told her god works in mysterious ways and never puts us in situations that we are not capable of dealing with. I was a friend of Chelsea because every Saturday she would come for her routine checkup. …show more content…
She had grown fond of me because “I also played basketball at the age of 15, just like Chelsea” I was astonished, every so often when Chelsea came for a routine check up she looked weaker, thinner, and was very unstable emotionally, and physically. Since then this experience has never left my mind and until today I still believe I can make a difference in someone’s life. Working as a medical assistant has solidified my aspiration to become a physician assistant. As years went by while it took me a number of years to determine my motivation to become a physician assistant, I believe these experiences will assist me well in providing excellent care to my future patients as a physician assistant. In the memory of Chelsea and every patient who has individually affected me every day, I have been directly involved in health care for five years. Every day has brought great happiness. To be a fragment of a person’s day is an irreplaceable blessing. Unquestionably, there are many desires in