Why I Want To Be A Nurse Anesthetist Essay

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Waking up every morning and not dreading to go to work is what every human being wants. I imagine getting out of bed, ready to start a whole new productive day at my dream job. But, just like everyone else in the world I have to be determined and dedicated to get to the spot I want to be. My dream job is to be a Nurse Anesthetist because of the work environment, my talents and passions to work with people, and also how meaningful the job is to me. First of all, the environment of a job has to be somewhere I love and want to be every day. One upside to being a Nurse Anesthetist is you can travel to places around the world that are in high demand for this type of job position. For example, there is always a demand for nurses in higher populated …show more content…
Being a Nurse Anesthetist is meaningful to me because of the high expectations I have for myself. I have always been a hard worker and wanted the best for myself in life. I put my work first and would make a perfect fit in the medical field. This is my ideal job put into one, and I would love to show the love and care I have for patients every day. As a result of these high expectation, I would like to be financially set for life. Being a nurse anesthetist has its perks of having a high paying salary because of the high responsibilities that come with the job. The pay scale for a nurse anesthetist is around 180,000 a year. I have always wanted to be successful in life, and I want to have a fancy lifestyle for myself as well. My ideal dream job will make me feel financially set, and will show all of my high expectations. All in all, I am willing to work hard now through school to get to my dream job of being a nurse anesthetist. This is my dream job because I am able to be in a good work environment, it’s my passion to be a nurse anesthetist, and I have high expectations of myself to be a successful person. I can’t wait to start my dream job and live life every day in my ideal