Why I Want To Become A Writer One Day?

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This is a writing that I created to enter a website. The title sounds nice and it's about as nice as it's going to get. That being said, I'd love to be a writer one day. Who knows maybe my sons will find this one day. If they do, Noah and Joey I love you. Dad.

Also this requires some length to the essay. Not sure how long this musing must go on for. I'm writing it from my phone so not the best. Noah in case you are wondering, I'm writing this while you are taking a bath. You're playing with some play mobile dolls and a boat. I place someone on the boat and start singing a song about it. You crack a smile and then sink the boat with such a gleeful face that it illicit a smile from my face. I'm a little worried that you might not be a great lifeguard but I love it that you play. I can actually hear you miming the song right now, also you just farted. It just had to be said, not happy about the smell. You just handed me the boat. Also we're making the doll high dive off the soap shelf.

Joey I wanted to let you know that you just started walking. You gave us such a scare when you were still within your mother. The doctors gave us concerns that you might have medical problems in vitro. I don't know if I ever told you how much your mother and I cried ourselves to sleep worried that you might be in trouble. I can only say that maybe because of that concern every time I see you brings such a warm smile to my face. I love you so much. As much as I love your brother and trust