Why I Want To Get A Degree In Psychology

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Earning a degree in psychology through Florida Institute of Technology would help me grow into a comprehensive professional in the field of psychology. These past ten years has given me better perspective and wisdom regarding my education and expectations allowing me to mature more and give me more determination than ever. I see Florida Institute of Technology as the answer to my life long dreams and expanding my knowledge even further, opening doors to opportunities I have never thought possible until now. A degree from Florida Institute of Technology allows me to work at my pace while still maintaining expectations and work at home, but still allowing access to a vast diversity of students. My ultimate goal is to obtain a greater sense of self, earn a degree, and be an example for my son. After completing my bachelor’s degree in psychology, I plan on applying to graduate school to obtain my master’s degree at least if not my doctorate in psychology. After completing both my bachelor degree and my post graduate degree, I would ultimately like to join a respectable practice. I have wanted a degree in psychology for as long as I can remember. Since the age of twelve I decided that I wanted to become a psychologist and in 15 years this desire has never changed. I have always been drawn to helping other and I have a natural gift of sorting between what people say and what they actually mean. I am extremely passionate regarding working with people and help others advance their own personal emotional growth. I feel like I can make a difference in people lives by doing so. A degree would not only further my personal and emotional goals to help other; but further my family’s personal financial goals in life as well.
Deciding what is realistic and what is nonrealistic is the key for successful time management. Accomplishing tasks, planning, organizing and sticking to a schedule is the only way to get everything done. Cramming when you have time on the weekends is not realistic, logging in and studying every day little by little chipping away at all the tasks for the week is the key to getting everything done without becoming overwhelmed. Also balancing work, personal and school life is imperative. Learning how to say "no" to meeting up with friends for drinks when you still have too much to do is mandatory, but also recognizing those times that a few hours off when there isn’t much to do for the rest of the week may be just what the body and mind needs to finish that last assignment. Time management also means you need to plan your whole day from work, childcare, housework, cooking and school work. Learning how to take advantage of a crock pot or one pop meals will not only save time, but it will give you the energy and stamina that fast food will not give you. Prioritizing responsibilities will help make time management easier, and help you not feel as stressed and give you more time with items that are the most important. Currently it is Thanksgiving week, this week is a stressful week enough with the holiday, but on top of Thanksgiving my family and I are moving. Before we can move, I need to pack up our entire home almost 10,000 pounds. I also have 3 papers this week, 2 exams and at least 6 chapters to read, that’s just for school. I also have responsibilities and deadlines here at home, I have to move-out clean the existing house, repaint and repair any damage that has occurred in our current home, before we can request out deposit. My family and I had to make the hard decision to stay home for Thanksgiving instead of driving several hours to my parents' home and back. We decided that out time is better spent finish packing, cleaning, painting and making final repairs to the home, then spending the little precious time we have on the road. Since our entire kitchen, I packed up, all I can do is hope that some restaurant will be open for delivery on Thanksgiving; since cooking Thanksgiving dinner here at home is out of the