Why I Want To Study Abroad Essay

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For as long as I could recall, studying abroad was never my intentions from the beginning of my journey from high school into college, due to the lack of financial means and growing up in a family where that didn’t seem as if it could be a reality. After transferring schools and finally seeing how Mount Saint Mary College heavily encourage students to study abroad, I felt inspired to finally take the chance and apply for a Summer Study Abroad semester. My main inspiration was personal. I saw a close friend in Japan for vacation and slightly felt saddened at the fact I was not there. Being the headstrong and determined person I am, It spurred me to take charge and find the first opportunity to go, seeing as it has always been my dream. Mount Saint Mary College and the study abroad ambassadors were also a force in helping make my …show more content…
I believe living in the city of Tokyo would be more than a dream come true, and would inspire me to tell my tale of studying abroad to other students considering the program. As mentioned before, Japan has always been a place I’ve held close to me with a culture I’ve always been fascinated by. The culture, mainly the music and shows, inspired me to the point I could see myself living there. Compared to America, Japan has such a rich and fascinating culture, customs, and ideology that I would enjoy learning more about during my time abroad. As americans, we are accustomed to using chairs, and wearing our shoes in the house and in Japan, this is not the case. This is one aspect I do hope to experience while