Why Im Optimistic About our Nations Future Essay

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Why am I optimistic about our nations future? One of the biggest reasons I am optimistic about our nations future is because in two years by turning eighteen my generation will have the responsibility and opportunity to vote for the leaders, from Local to State Representatives, to the president, my generation can vote for the leaders of our country. We have the chance to put the best people possible in charge.
Now even though right now my generation might seem too immature to be part of that decision. I assure you we will rise to the challenge! My generation has been through so many falls of our nation, like wars, economic failures, terrorists attacks such as 9/11, gun violence, school shootings and government shut downs.
We have also seen some changes that were for the better too. First off we saw our nation vote in a president who is an african american, which for after 43 years of having a caucasian president is a change for the better. Showing that we are ready and wanting change for the better for our country.
My generation has also been greatly affected by technology. We were born into a country with large desktop computers, and phones that were always connected to the walls, and dial up internet. In 18 years, we are now living in a world with small desktop computers, laptops, tablets, wireless house phones, cell phones, broadband internet, wireless internet, and even internet on our cell phones. Everything is becoming touch screen too. From our phones with one touch of a button you can start your car, turn on your house security, turn up your heat even!
Just by thinking about all of this evolution makes me realize that we have to be doing something right. If we have people that are smart enough to make a phone listen to what you are saying and talk back to you, or even do as you say, then we have to have people in our generation that our going to do great things for our country.

I recently became a CNA, and another thing that makes me optimistic about our nation's future is the technology in the medical field. Every nurse has a laptop to see what their patients need, the nurses can just click on the patient and see why they are there, and what medications they need. They have electronic blood pressure machines,