Why Is Alexander The Great Was Great

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Everyone in History is always questioned on if they deserve the title they get. They have all done bad stuff, but none chooses to look over it and see how much good they’ve done. Alexander the Great traveled from Macedonia to India from the age 20 to early 30’s. Alexander achieved many different goals he had for himself. At the age of 20 he became the leader of Macedonia, and the city-states of Greece. After he became the leader he decided to try and take over the Persian empire, in which he succeeded. After succeeding his goal only a few days later he died from an illness. Alexander the Great is great, he deserved the title. Alexander the Great of Macedonia was great due to his military strategies, leadership and they way he spread the Greek culture. Alexander the Great of Macedonia was great because of his military strategies. According to documents A, Alexander and his men found seven cities from Macedonia to India. This showed his great military skills and how he is able to conquer many different cities. Also, according to document B, he showed his military strategies when he was trying to cross the lake to go take over …show more content…
According to document D, as Alexander and is men were walking through the desert without any water, and as they found some they tried to give Alexander some but he wouldn’t take any. He didn’t take any because that wouldn’t be fair to the other men who didn’t get any water. This showed great leadership because he didn’t want it to be unfair to the others. He knew that they wouldn’t get any. According to document A, Alexander the Great lead his men all the way to Asia. Throughout the time from Macedonia to Asia, he found seven cities and won many battles. He showed great leadership up until his last day. These examples show how Alexander the Great of Macedonia was great because they show you how much he cared for his men or how he knew how to lead them through many