Why Is Benedict Arnold Considered A Traitor

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Known as a traitor, and born on January 14, 1741 in Norwich, Connecticut, Benedict Arnold lived in a decent middle-class family. He was known for being a person who took risks, or a risk-taker, with an energetic and impulsive nature. That means he didn’t really think out his actions out, he just did them. Anyhow, he attended a private school until the age of 13. At that age, his family was financially ruined, so he was forced to leave his school. Instead, he learned to be an apothecary, which is similar to a modern-day scientist. After a short while of learning, he had volunteered for the French and Indian War, also known as the 7 Year War, but at 18, he deserted the fighting and action. This was because his mother was dying, she was not of good health. …show more content…
In the Continental Army, he was actually a colonel, a colonel is an army officer with a high rank, because of his high position, he lead some expeditions. One of his were actually an attack on Quebec City. This was when he was still on the Patriots’ side. The attack did not go as planned, the Americans lost. Even with the lost, he was however promoted to a higher position. Arnold continued with the expeditions, but then started making enemies in the Continental Army. They were starting to get on his nerves. This soon later was made up for because Arnold had lead a successful expedition, this was at the Battle at Saratoga. In this battle, he had wounded his leg, but the Americans had one that battle. Therefore, once he was back from the attack, the soldiers had welcomed him as a hero. After his amazing victory over the Americans, things had actually started to go downhill for Benedict