Why Is Benito Juiez Important In Mexico

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Benito Juarez: Mexican politician
Benito Juarez was a Mexican politician and statesman in the early 19th century. What would it be like to be a political man in the 19th century. Benito did many things from his early years, to the beginning of his political years and how people view him today. Benito was a very smart guy and helped Mexico with a lot of things. He was a strong leader for a long time and is pretty popular in Mexico.
Benito's early years were kinda rough. He was born with a very poor family they could barely do anything. When he was a toddler he was sent to the fields to do back breaking work for most of his toddler years.In Oaxaca, Juárez worked with Don Antonio Salanueva, a bookbinder, who basically adopted him. Helped by Salanueva
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But in reality they have no clue what they are talking but Benito knew what he was doing and talking about. He learned
Spanish when he was 13 years old. There are a lot of people that do Spanish in high school and still don't know how to speak the language. He also first became a judge then he got really heavy in politics he went to prison when he came back and became the leader. They wanted a strong leader. Juárez was a Mexican statesman and four-time president of Mexico. After resisting
takeover by European powers, Juárez installed numerous social changes that would improve the lives of the Mexican people.
This is what Benito Juarez accomplished and did when he was alive. His early years were rough but he was adopted into a good family learned Spanish and was getting smarter and smarter. In the early days of his career in politics he was at the bottom when he got older he became more intelligent and knew a lot more and did what the people mostly wanted and did a lot helped Mexico a lot. This is why Mexican people like Benito Juarez so much. People view him today as a great man and thought he was a very strong leader and always got his point