Why Is Billie Holiday Influential

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I choose Billie Holiday as my influential. She is known as the best jazz singer of all time. She was born on April seventh, 1915, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My three reason of why I think Billie Holiday is the most influential person in the last 100 years is she is considered one of the best jazz singers of all time. Another reason is because she was the first African American vocalists to work with a white orchestra. My last reason is because she changed her name.I think is also influential because she did lots of things even though people made fun of her because of her race.

The first reason why I think Biller Holiday is influential is because she is considered one of the best jazz vocalists of all time. In 2000 she was indicted into the Rack and Roll hall of fame.
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She was brave enough to join a white, I think she is brave because people would bully her and make jokes because she was black. She was one of the best orchestra players also. She made lots of friends when she joined the orchestra group, also people stopped bullying her because they realized she was good. She lost her career from a battle of substance abuse. When she tried to join the orchestra and sing for jazz band they rejected her because of her race and her style of singing. She left the orchestra after a while because she was so frustrated.

She also changed her name, her first name was Eleanora Fagan. The name Billie came from a silent movie called Billie dove. She loved that movie so much so she changed her name. Billie Dove was actually the stage name Lillian Bohny. She also has an interesting life that is another reason why I choose her. When she was younger and in school, she used to skip it to stay home and sing. She lived in poverty, so she dropped out of school in fifth grade. She started working at the age of six to earn more money for her