Why Is Colonial Williamsburg Important

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There are many significant locations in Colonial Williamsburg to honor, and all of them have been used for many important things, such as playing the role of a hospital, kicking off the Revolutionary war, and being a meeting place for the Continental congress. Anyhow, to be memorialized, the place has to have historical significance, relevance to today, and be connected to the mission statement of Colonial Williamsburg: “That the future may learn from the past.” Using this criteria, The Magazine of Colonial Williamsburg should be honored with a commemorative coin.

First of all, The Magazine has important historical significance. Tour the Town states that The Magazine stored supplies including over 3,000 brown bess muskets, frying pans, and weapons (like spears) to protect against slave riots, takeover from the royal British Army, etc. Also, the Colonial Williamsburg foundation notes that The Magazine was emptied of 15 half-barrels gunpowder by lord Dunmore, which upset the local colonists, and
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According to the Colonial Williamsburg foundation, a local woman was determined to save the structure for the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities after there was damage in the walls, which included builders tearing down the perimeter walls in 1856, and a wall of The Magazine collapsed by itself in 1888. The Preservation of Virginia Antiquities later bought The Magazine from the woman for $400 the next year. But that year, the roof burned, with only its finial (the very tip) escaping destruction. When it was repaired, it became a museum. In addition, many activities are held there, including drill activities lead by a drill sergeant. Also, according to Tour the Town, there are musket firing demonstrations seasonally, and reproduced and original cannons and muskets on display. After all, The Magazine is very relevant to