Why Is Erastus Smith Important To The American Revolution

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Erastus “Deaf” Smith was very important to the revolution. Smith was born in Duchess County, New York. His birthday is April 19,1787. His parents names are Chiliab and Mary Smith. He and his parents moved to Natchez, Mississippi when Smith was around age 11 or 12. He lost his hearing due to a childhood illness. The first time Erastus visited Texas was in 1817 but left quickly after. He then came back in 1821 with his wife Guadalupe Ruiz Durán and they settled near San Antonio. They had 3 daughters. Erastus Smith then was one of the first to move to Green Dewitt’s colony west of the Colorado River. When it came to the time of the Texas Revolution he didn’t know what side to be on. Then, when he tried to enter San Antonio to visit his family