Why Is Football Important To Me

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A major facet of my development into a man was Football, Football was something I had used as an outlet for myself to make social connections, something I have a very hard time with on my own. From day one I used football as that outlet, but football became so much more to me than just a way to talk to people, football changed me forever. The lessons football teaches quickly taught me I had to step up and be a man to succeed whether it be on the field or off it. My career as a football player has not been a straight path, although I never played for the school I attended I had played at East Hampton High School from age nine to 15, but my senior year the school dropped the joint athlete program for football, although that year I continued to play lacrosse at East Hampton my football career shifted to Southampton's. This tested my fortitude as a …show more content…
The switch to Southampton high school made me completely restart as it came to the social connections. This switch opened me up to the largest opportunity to make new friends that I had ever had. It took a lot out of me to battle my issues and open up to my new teammates eventually though I found myself opening up much easier and having a very little issue talking to new people. Football once again had directly resulted in my advancement from boy to man, this time the rewards would be more than just a sack or a tackle, but lifelong friends and the skills that I can use to be a useful member of my society and community and make the proper choices to advance my career. The discipline and skills I learned from football will definitely go beyond the field. I was taught how to work hard from a young age through football, although at times I wanted to quit my drive to get better always kicked in, the coaches i came in contact with all gave me the skills to move on and improve myself off the field and